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At Xtreamforex , we are dedicated to serving our clients responsibly with the latest innovations in forex tools and resources to assist you in trading. Below we underline the active promotions, bonuses and special offers available to traders. XtreamForex  is an award winning forex and commodities broker, providing trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients. Through its policy of providing the best possible trading conditions to its clients and allowing both scalpers and traders using expert advisors unrestricted access to its liquidity, XtreamForex has positioned itself as the forex broker of choice for traders worldwide.To take advantage of one of the offers listed below, simply register for an account, if you do not have one yet open with Xtreamforex and contact your account manager for more information .


XtreamForex is a Brand Name Of Grand Investing LTD. Grand Investing LTD was incorporated in October 2007 and is  headquartered in the centre of Majuro, Marshall Islands. The Company is a member of Grand Investing Group, one of the most renowned business conglomerates in southeast Europe. Grand Investing Group has twenty years of experience in investments and commercial banking, as well as real estate investments.

In addition, Grand Investing LTD provides traditional services like global custodianship to investment banks, brokers-dealers, institutional investors, mutual funds, corporate entities and private investors.

In January 2016, XtreamForex -( a trade name of Grand Investing LTD ) – was formed in order to provide retail investors access to the currency, commodities, energies and equities markets.

Here’s how Forex Trading with xtreamforex will enhance your trading experience:

• Best-in-class customer service, including live chat
• One-hour response time for sales and support requests
• Multiple asset trading and ECN accounts on MT4
• Superior quality of execution (speed and reliability)
• Trade on competitive prices (raw or marked-up) straight from our LPs.
• Widest suite of forex trading products
• Islamic (Swap Free) accounts
• Negative balance protection
• Deep liquidity from Top tier liquidity provider
• No conflicts of interest
• Very tight limit/stop loss

Our Mission

Through superior customer service we aim to establish ourselves as a global brand by ensuring that the profitability, success and happiness of our customers are core to our business. Our company is determined to provide top level of customer service as well as tighter and real spreads.

Our Goal

Knowing that this is a growing and competitive industry, we have set as our mission and vision to highlight the key focus areas that will help us achieve our long lasting goal of becoming the best service provider in the Forex Market.Being an industry leader is more than just leveraging the latest technologies. Our experienced staff is made up of a group of honest, reliable and hardworking professionals whose goal is all-encompassing support of our clients. With our priority of immediate response to your questions and willingness to expand both our knowledge base and yours, we are propelling Xtreamforex to a market leader in innovation and customer service. Fully licensed and regulated, our trading expertise encompasses currencies.

24/5 Multilingual Customer Service

The Xtreamforex team wants you to succeed as a trader. Your trading goals are attainable with the support of our dependable and honest staff that is second to none. Providing you with around-the-clock support, live chat and one-hour response time to your queries is standard operating procedure for us, allowing you to focus on what really matters – your financial goals and trading.


Xtreamforex is committed to keeping your money safe at all times. Xtreamforex is 100% secured for online trading and transactions, all data is backed up and protected in a highly secure encrypted technological environment. All information provided by or on behalf of clients and employees is treated in the strictest of confidence and only disclosed by a formal notice in accordance with regulations.


XtreamForex is committed to keeping your money safe at all times. Full segregation of client funds held in top tier banks, annual and interim financial report auditing by Ernst Young, and internal audits by KPMG are just some of the safeguards in place to protect our clients.

How we deal with your money

We hold retail client funds in segregated accounts across a range of major banks, in accordance with the MRIS client money rules and requirements.

Accounts with Top Tier Banks

XtreamForex (Grand Investing LTD ). took the decision to only use global banks of Investment Grade standing. The strength and global standing of the XtreamForex brand enables the Company to provide banking through the top tier banks.

Security of Client Funds

XtreamForex is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund and all Client Funds are held in segregated bank Accounts as per our regulations requirements.

Our Bank accounts are held with top tier international Banks and our monthly capital adequacy submission reports are reviewed by a Big Four audit firm.

Negative Balance Protection

XtreamForex ensure customer security and offers negative balance protection to all our clients to ensuring a client can NOT lose more than his invested capital.


Our team of professionals pay special attention to the technical stability of trading services and software that provide to the clients for trading operations. Our team is highly responsive to the market trends ,forcasts and possibities ,Reliability and trustworthiness.Its not just mission for us its our promise to provide 100% clients satisfactions .

Technology Advancement

• Meta Trader 4
• Advanced Smart Phone Traders
• Meta Trader 4 Multi Terminal for Asset Managers
• Meta Trader for IPhone
• Real-Time Streaming Quotes & Charts. Customers can click on a live streaming price feed, NO REQUEST for deals up to 10 million

Profitability and Growth

We provide you various accounts types,software and tools to facilitates individuals and institutional customers to trade forex CFD’s online.Xtreamforex provide unparalled variety of account options that clients can select and enjoy a tailored trading experience.You will have access to a diverse range of products including Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals, Future Contracts (OTC), Equity Indices (OTC), CFD’s and Energy Contracts.

Leverage up to 1:1000

• Professional accounts with special benefits
• Exceptional partnership opportunities with open trading benefits.

Competitive Fixed & Variable Spreads

XtreamForex offers a wide variety of trading accounts including floating spreads, STP, Islamic and Raw spread accounts according to your trading style. Lower spreads means trades move into the positive column earlier. Many traditional Market Maker forex brokers proudly advertise their low fixed forex spreads as being an advantage to forex traders.

Trading Facilities 

Metatrader 4, widely known and used eminent online forex trading platform in forex trading industry. MT4 or MetaTrader4 is the prime platform of xtreamforex. In forex industry every trading broker mostly offers MT4 platform.Xtreamforex also got MT4 trading platform for you to serve you the seamless and cutting-edge trading experience. Xtreamforex got 4 different types of online trading platform for you to enjoy their cutting-edge service. You can choose to use the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform which is the forex industry’s standard trading platform well known for its reliability and powerful tools.

  1. Metatrader 4 for PC
  2. Metatrader 4 for Android
  3. Metatrader 4 for iPhone
  4. Metatrader 4 for iPad

These are the 4 best trading platforms that xtreamforex offers for all their retails and institutional traders.

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    Xtreamforex is best broker they provide full support.
    They also provide instant payout. Xtreamforex is reliable and fast execution i have ever seen. They provide instant payout In between my trading experience i also took payouts which was instant(2-3 hours).
    Xtreamforex team help you wherever you required.
    Thankyou xtreamforex.

  • Overall trading experience with Xtreamforex
    I Opened demo account with this broker and live afterwards.
    No specific hurdles with verification, i got verified right after two days by submitting utility bill scanned copy and valid govt ID.
    Trade execution is stable even trades can be done during news with good spreads. Live chat on site is also a ready feature to discuss queries rather writing emails to support.
    Last but not the least they process withdrawal within as low as one business day(except wire transfer$). Xtreamforex is quite reliable and is highly recommended.

  • Xtreamforex trading Experience
    It is good to trade with them because they have many option for deposit like skrill,netlettler,wire transfer and withdarwl are instant No problem in withdrawing your funds your funds and that what makes me feel good about it.

  • Best Ever Broker:-Xtreamforex
    As per my experience in Forex I can see this is the best broker. I have traded with many big brokers firm but it is a matter of self satisfaction. Their customer support execution , transaction procedure all are unique and best compare to others. I like to trade with this broker for life time.

  • Reliable broker xtreamforex
    This broker in general delivers good services which I have experienced while trading with them. During the last six months of trading, I have found out that account can be opened with small amount. Max leverage is allowed and they have good spreads. The trading platform is easy to initialize trade with no re quotes. The withdrawals usually take up to 24 hours to process. I am very satisfied with the overall services delivered by this broker.

  • Xtreamforex Decent broker
    I have a small account with this broker and I am doing really good with this account. There execution is very fast and support is also very good they provide comfortable environment to their clients.Tranfers and withdrawals are instant it doesnot took much time for execution . I am happy with there services and have a good trading experience with the help of xtreamforex .

  • Xtreamforex The good thing about them is that they allow small traders with little deposits and that is encouraging point by them. I hope they will continue to do so in future.

  • Xtreamforex is Execllent broker
    I have been trading with this broker for more than a year. So far so good. Very quick support. Money withdrawal is instant it will take upto 2 to 24 hours to process. i am very pleased by the services provide by xtreamforex.

  • Best broker
    I do forex trade with all brokers in market but at last satisfied with xtreamforex for their trade execution speed and honesty of big deposit/withdraw transaction.

  • A very reliable broker-Xtreamforex , very easy to deal with, I have been trading for half a year now and at one time there was an execution problem and I got reimbursed, and im pleased it did not happen again, platform is as stable as it gets, I never had issue with withdrawals though I want to try out their e wallet if its faster than money bookers, spreads on majors are tight.

  • Excellent trading experience with Xtreamforex
    I thought at the starting to trade,it is good broker,because of very fast reaction of staff,nice trader .It provide 24 hours services to their clients there live chat support staff available any time and provide fast and reliable services to thier clients.I am very satisfied with the hospitality provided by these broker.thank you xtreamforex.

  • .I have been with Xtreamforex a few years so far. I do feel they are reliable broker, definitely better than average. Even though I have not made any large amount of deposit with them instead of that their customers support execution is really pleasant.

  • i am trading with these broker their deposits was good withdrawal are instant i have only i issue with support they don’t follow up with clients in good way.

  • This is my honest review. On deposit, this broker is damn fast & good. If we set up Stop Loss also got no problem, once touched immediately closed position. But if we set up Take Profit, i experienced 2-3 times been touched by the price even 5-10 more but still being open. overall experience with these broker is good there execution is fast support is good their staff is very cooperative with their clients.Thank you xtreamforex.

  • I opened live trading account with Xtreamforex in few months back and had just withdrawn my first profit successfully. The overall broker impression is good and since I joined them I seldom found any issues to complain. Trading is easy with low spreads on major pairs. PS: I am trading regular account and it has decent leverage too.I really found a decent broker experience with xtreamforex .

  • I’ve tried to trade with several brokers during past several years and finally stop changing them when came to trade with Xtreamforex .I’m quite satisfied with their trading conditions, the software is stable, withdrawal is not too long.

  • Xtreamforex-The deposit methods are easy and simple with bank wire and bitcoins which is good. The withdrawal is also through the same mode which is great for any investor worldwide. Receiving the withdrawals on the same day without much time to wait makes it convenient for cash withdrawals during an emergency need.

  • Satisfied with the functionality of this broker. Opportunities for trading are very variable, a lot of tools and platforms are represented. Also a large selection of ways to replenish and withdraw from the account.

  • I am trading with these broker since from two years their deposits was good withdrawl are instant i have only i issue with support they dont follow up with clients in good way.

  • I have read all these comments on Xtreamforex and there is already nothing to add. Probably, I will tell from myself that it is very comfortable and pleasant to me to work with broker that has quite good trade conditions. I had no problems and I hope won’t be. In such way of trade I take only pleasure, and profit of course 🙂

  • I’m totally fine with Xtreamforex broker and think that it’s reliable trade partner.It helps to avoid problems with the trading process.And that’s why I chose this brokerage firm.Orders are executed quick and clear.No problems with withdrawal of funds.I have already made withdrawal several times without any issues and delays.

  • The demo account feature is great. I played around with it a little bit before I went on to do real trading, and it enabled me to get some practice and test out some things before I tried them in the real markets.Thank you Xtreamforex

  • I could find a common language with technical support team very fast which have proven to me their professionalism. Basically, they react on my requests very fast like I said and give me good professional advices. With withdrawals I haven’t problems. Good trade conditions, quite a lot of trading tool.Xtreamforex MP4 platform is functioning properly.

  • If you are looking for a forex broker with fast execution ans low spreads, you can try to trade with Xtreamforex this broker has proved to me that they have fast execution and withdrawals. If you will not try “arbitrage” trading I really don’t think you will have a problem here.

  • I thought at the starting to trade,it is good broker,because of very fast reaction of staff,nice traders site.But its problem is execution of order.Unfair losscut were often occured,third times in a week.if I claim it,they repair it.But we need to watch each trades if unfair order is there or not.All in all its a good broker.

  • Everyday i read useful economic news from this broker. It helps me to make my trading more better. Xtreamforex think about traders and help us in trading.

  • My experience with Xtreamforex , when they were just an ambitious newbie in the sea of shark rated brokers. But they proved to be even more than just someone who wants a piece of the pie, but a true game changer. The things, that keep me loyal throughout the years are the stable and responsive system, the constant care for their customers and the many functionalities of the personal wallet. I believe, that in the future there are many great things to come to the markets and I also believe that Xtreamforex will be responsible for some of that.

  • A very good broker. The spreads they offer are very tight and execution of trades is very fast, compared to other brokers. Support team also is professional, and available all day.

  • I do not like Xtreamforex broker because of their porrl systems. They had many hidden rules that making us confused when trading with them. There were many re-quotes which causing many delays. Their platform was not stable, Slow executions and delayed server,sometime support didn’t followup with their clients in good way .

  • I highly recommended, caring customer support, fast executions, deposits and withdrawals are quick.I researched many brokers and overall Xtreamforrex has many of the tools to give most traders what they need.

  • One of my favourite brokers with very comfortable and flexible conditions. Xtreamforex offers very good trading software and they permit all trading styles , bilingual support 24X5 via live chat, email or phone and tight spread. Also there are wide range of payment methods and fast withdrawals.

  • The world of currency trading was absolutely unknown to me until I opened an account with Xtreamforex . Currently, I can easily talk about hedging, scalping, spreads, leverages. All because of Xtreamforex free trading tips and professional trading environment. I surely recommend Xtreamforex as the very good forex broker.

  • During several hours I could not connect to my trading account and I could not forget the login data. After long attempts and communication with technical support, I realized that I’m pointing the wrong server when connecting, be careful and pay attention on all of parameters. Good broker gave answers for all questions and they helped me to found my mistake.

  • The order execution in Xtreamforex is satisfactory. As to trading conditions, they are just like many other brokers, not much better not much worse. So if you can trade in general, you’ll make profitable trades, as the broker is not making obstacles.

  • Interesting platform . I’m new on Forex and I’m just demoing for the moment but I’m quite impressed by the speed , the spread provided by this Company compared to many others.

  • I highly recommend this Xtreamforex broker. They facilitate all trading activities to the client very well. They give beginners a chance to learn the trade through a demo account, give bonuses when the initial deposit, providing updated daily forex market information and forex convention training to small and large scale to client satisfaction when trading.

  • I have been using this broker for two months now. Support personnel very helpful, spreads low, trading platform easy to use. I can recommend this broker and I am very satisfied with their services.

  • I’m not experienced in currency trading enough to trade myself, so I’ve decided to try Xtreamforex investment programs. I was lucky to get a good account manager so now I’m receiving not huge but stable profit without excessive risks.

  • Very nice support team. They reply quickly in live chat and to email. But it would be really perfect, if they could add some sort of the internet call, because sometimes explaining the situation in details can take lots of time. Nevertheless, the rules in deposit withdrawals are not so clear, so it’s helpful, when the support can explain the each point.

  • I don’t have a lot of free time that’s why I chose broker with a good mobile platform. I can trade everywhere when I have some time. Very convenient to trade on the go. They offer very good spread on major currency pairs. Highly recommend xtreamforex.

  • Nice support. I came across some brokers, who can give me the support only in working hours and days, which is not convenient because I often trade at night, and I want to have answers to my questions as I get ones. Here they are available all the day and all the night. And there is no difference when to call. People are really nice. Thanks for the help.

  • I think Xtreamforex is a good Broker, Has a good trade conditions, so many bonuses ,lovely contests, has a good support. The most important thing about is the Fast Withdrawal. No complains with Xtreamforex so far …so I think it’s really the best broker in the market right now. I recommend Xtreamforex.

  • Actually the best variant, if you need fast withdrawal. I have never traded before with such convenient broker. My respect!

  • this broker is doing really good, seriously, many of us have a hard time choosing a good broker, I was actually surprised with such service even though i have heard about them for a long time now. well done Xtreamforex

  • Xtreamforex has proven to be a reliable broker. Low spreads, and reliable transaction posting. Has excellent MT4 platform. I think their commissions are very reasonable. Another important trait for that they have is the accessibility and friendliness of their customer support. There will always be some there to answer any queries. Very happy with this broker.

  • I have been using Xtreamforex recently and this is an excellent group. I am impressed with their overall support and technical support in particular. They are also very quick in responding to inquiries. Though I am not an expert trader I am very satisfied with Xtreamforex and their services.

  • I have been involved in this company from 6 months and this was the best decision of my forex investments. There is no problem about the withdraw of profit and I have withdrawn three times. This is becoming a total residual income source for me and I am happy about it.

  • Here for nearly 2 months, the technical support team of the Xtreamforex broker is done a lot by me, the brokerage firm has distinguished itself as a reliable company with favorable conditions for my successful trade, I am pleased with the received profit for the minimum time interval of trading.

  • My friends advised me to start trading in Xtreamforex. They said that the conditions are very human. Execution and spreads for medium-term suitable. And you know what, I do not regret choosing Xtreamforex for trading. I like everything.

  • No more dispute since I switched to this Xtreamforex broker, the servers are really reliable and you can place your trade easily even it just a scalping one.

  • There is nothing to find fault with. Honestly, sometimes I had problems with system but trouble seemed to be my provider not Xtreamforex . Have been trading here for 3 months by now, has already doubled my deposit, made several withdrawals to make sure that broker allows me to get my money. Now, I’m happy and don’t want to stop.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Navs. Once I tried ?Xtreamforex platform in 2016 since that time I can not say about any bad things. only verification takes a bit longer then it should be and withdrawals take some time. But overall it’s a really good broker and i can say exactly you’ll be glad to trade with it.

  • I trade with Xtreamforex . Never any problems, support is always helpful. Platforms work really well and spreads are some of the lowest. Very good broker for everyone.

  • Good broker Xtreamforex , i am totally dependent on income derived from trading. They are very good in processing profit withdrawals. I can safely recommend them as reliable broker.

  • I am trading with this broker since from my first starting in trading career i didn’t face any major issues with this broker i only have a issue with their support sometime they didn’t followup with clients in good way .One day i have problem in my mt4 platform my account manager didn’t teach me in reliable way all and all experience with this broker is commendable withdrawals are instant it never took much time to proceed .

  • Xtreamforex is not reliable. My funds disappear without explanations. I tried to complain, without success only people talking in chats that doesn’t solve problems. Have no ombusdman and support area, only attendant. Do not use this broker.

  • With Xtreamforex , you can easily check the daily outlook of the market in order to know the pairs that are experiencing price volatility. Apart from this, this website also provides economic calendar that has a date wise and time wise depiction of all economic data from around the world.

  • I came to Xtreamforex with a very little knowledge of trading on the forex and I have found this broker very helpful for the novice. They offer a great demo account. After 4 months of trading on demo, I moved to the real account without any problems and now starting to earn my first profits on Forex. Very satisfied.

  • Xtreamforex makes necessary efforts for the improvement of my trading skills and growth of my profits. Not the last role here is played by broker’s technical support team which is very professional and pleasant as for me. Conditions are acceptable. Have been trading here for a couple of months without any major problems.

  • So far nice broker. They provide order execution speed not worse than other big and well-known brokers. Withdrawal takes up from a couple of hours to several business days. This is quite tolerable. Good chat-support, informative web site. Xtreamforex is a good broker both to beginners and advanced traders.

  • I couldn’t believe that I have found an adequate forex broker with acceptable and good trade conditions such as Xtreamforex . The broker that doesn’t prevent my trade and do everything possible to help me to achieve my trade agendas and to raise my profit. After all this time, I still can’t believe in it. Finally, my luck’s already turned.

  • I am satisfied with the technical support of the Xtreamforex broker. I wrote to them for get help by using chat, mail and social networks and I got a quick response via all channels. I will continue to work with this broker. Trading conditions do not differ much from other brokers, but I really like their service.

  • It’s nice to see that this broker have regulation. Perhaps it’s best not, but nevertheless I had a sense of security. I like also the fact that trade on fixed spread account and also will not go into negative balance.

  • I have no complain with this broker because support solve all the problems immediately. Good conditions and platforms. So far I am totally satisfied.

  • You might find some brokers are not allowing many kind of trading techniques, but here, you can even trading with scalping on more than 100 trading instruments. This is the best that I can say about this company, a comfortable place to trade Forex…

  • Xtreamforex is not reliable. My funds disappear without explanations. I tried to complain, without success only people talking in chats that doesn’t solve problems. Have no ombusdman and support area, only attendant. Do not use this broker.

  • i would like to say that Xtreamforex is the greatest broker ever. the customer support is just excellent and everything about Xtreamforex is perfect. i have never ever faced a problem with withdrawals and i have been in this company for quite a while.

  • I like Xtreamforex Before I deposit my money, I checked this broker. Their Mt4 is working very good, orders execution is fast. I checked their quotation with other companies – everything is all right. Pending orders execution is ok too.

  • I got Xtreamforex recommended by a friend of mine who is a professional trader.
    I opened a small account with them and they have been very good so far. Good service. Good helpline. Good spread prices (the best in the market) ans still guarantee the fills in all markets.
    I recommend it.

  • As for me that the company in which you decide to trade, should from time to time to carry out various promotions. A Xtreamforex company constantly conducts various beneficial promos.

  • It is always good if a broker which you trade with, behaves well and does not let its traders down. Especially in situations where the company is forced to pay a compensation to a trader, even if the trader acted bad. One case confirmed reason ability of my choice of Xtreamforex as a broker. This company is ready to comply with the decisions of governing market organizations. Xtreamforex pays a trader in any case.

  • Xtreamforex is good in the aspect that it fits both the newcomers and professionals of the market. Their terms are suitable for both of them. You can scalp, which suits freshmen. There is ECN, which is more suitable for experienced traders. Numerous promotions and contests will be interesting to all traders.

  • Like everything else in this world, the forex market does not stand still, constantly evolving and to make trading, you need to evolve too, and this requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Xtreamforex company offers a special section at their site.

  • Withdrawal of Xtreamforex works like a clock. I have been trading with them for years, and now, the same way as it was with the first withdrawal, money was transferred with in a few hours , exactly as indicated on their website.

  • I am also trading with them, but did not use bonuses, to me, their rebate on spreads is a much more interesting part. According to my calculations, under active trading pipsing, this promo gives more profit.

  • Personally, I am subscribed to newsletters of my broker Xtreamforex and I’m always updated about market events. I choose what interests me and either watch it online or watch the record, depending on a situation.

  • I was interested about this company and I registered. It was not an usual broker and just a common one. Good trading conditions. Obvious advantages: deposit and withdrawal are fast, client space is easy to navigate.

  • Now promotions are a big subject for everybody but I don’t care. I am with Xtreamforex cause like their terms. It is nothing special but no serious drawbacks. Platform is stable and no questions with execution. Withdrawal is fine.

  • Deposit and withdrawal are OK, very fast. I like the bonus on deposit and use it rather well. Otherwise I never saw any broker who shows information about its traders, I mean some statistics or so.

  • Many traders face the issue of security when it comes to their deposited funds in the account. But at Xtreamforex , I have found the best available security and safety for my deposited funds. As these funds are deposited with different financial institutions world wide, there is no fear of any money laundering. Plus, I can check the balance anytime I want.

  • One thing to notice when it comes to trading with this company, is their support service response time. They will absolutely respond and solve your problem without any delay. That’s what made me comfortable to keep on trading with this company.Support team are always ready to take quick actions on customers problem which is very commendable.

  • So as I will not be taught and not taught to trade on the forex market, I do it myself, and so I think that my teacher is a Xtreamforex company, which provides a lot of useful information and provides the ability to get bonuses for trading.

  • I have something to say about Xtreamforex .I have traded with Xtreamforex for sometimes now. I’ve a big trading experience with various brokers and I’m really weather beaten. Now I’m trading here and completely satisfied with the parameters of trading and processing.

  • Well, I do find Xtreamforex as a good broker. I utilized their no deposit bonus and made profit from trading and withdrew without a problem after fulfilling the necessary lots. The speed and execution on their ECN account is great, the customer service is very helpful. No commission on deposits and I am actually impressed with the overall service, so far so good. I recommend.

  • I also been trading here for 6 month in run. I noticed that even when under the market storm, ECN do not give strange peaks, all goes on market. Earning is real, scalping owl show themselves good here.

  • What about terminal, here is everything as usual, trading is quite normal, spreads are not big and almost no gaping. On a fast market I can be sure that all my commands will be executed because I have already checked it. So I can recommend this company for easy work.

  • This broker is not bad actually, it offers a lot of options. There are some useful promotions for professional trader

  • I like so much Xtreamforex , this broker is very good! I choose it and advice to all. It help me to study something in trading and not make big mistakes! I like that they try to make your knowledge better and have listen of bonuses for beginner! I saw review about they on … and on their site!

  • My review of Xtreamforex broker in a couple of words. Personally, I highly appreciate the work of this broker. It is reliable and has a platform that is pleasant to work with. I haven’t faced with any problems except one time (the fault was mine but supporting team reacted very fast and they politely explained the reason why I was confused). However, the key to your success is not only the operation with the broker, but also your strategy and luck) So, you have to be quite amateur to reach high trading results. Speaking about disadvantages, i can’t find any.

  • Xtreamforex is an excellent broker, one of the few good on the market. I’ve traded on micro accounts so far but I already like the broker and its services. It really allows to learn how to get profit. But there have been several delays of order closures recently, which must be instant, if I understand correct. Also I’ve experienced several re-qoutes, but maybe the problem was with my trading terminal.

  • Xtreamforex Technical support – you are the best! Trading wih this broker Im the most grateful to that people!
    Always helpful awwlways “just in time”! Goooooood)

  • Since the last year, I was actively trading with Xtreamforex . Good broker with good conditions. I like its live trading account. Server speed is good, transparent execution, low spreads, very convenient for algorithmic trading. Fast withdrawals . Everything OK as for me.

  • I like Xtreamforex . Spreads are quite good. A lot of currency pairs. No questions to platforms and execution, good customer support. Withdrawals in one-two days. Demo version also is very good. I think it is one of the most trustworthy and convenient brokers on the market.

  • Hey guys i already have account with them since august 2016 till now they are very helpful , in fact a do withdraw money from them more than i deposit i did make a profit , so this is i think a very good company i don’t have any problems with them.

  • This is one of the good brokers I have ever traded with.Their trading condition is superb but their affiliate system should be made easier .They give different answers to different affiliates when they ask for the ways to increase their commission and this is not expected ,I hope to they will reinvent their affiliate system.

  • Good broker, seriously. high leverage, withdrawal and deposit went through fast and without hassle. Good bonus being rewarded and whats good, it stays in your account if you are withdrawing your initial deposit. However, the mt 4 execution tend to be quite leggy at some time. Delay for 1 second or more in execution , or buy and sell stop adjustment. Needs some improvement on that. Other than that, its all good. No serious slippage on news trading and good live chat support.

  • The good thing about them is that they allow small traders with little deposits and that is encouraging point by them. I hope they will continue to do so in future.

  • it is good to trade with them because they have many option for deposit and withdrawal ,No problem in withdrawing your funds your funds and that what makes me feel good about it

  • Results is all that matters, good trading environment, good response from mt 4, execution is good though I would say it can be better. withdrawals are on time or earlier, except one time I had to update some documents which I find reassuring. over all, 2016 was a good year for trading and I hope this year would be better.

  • the forex broker Xtreamforex broker doesn’t prevent my trading and allows making withdrawals of my funds that is extremely rare on the forex market. nice place to reach own goals. i will continue to work with this brokerage company further because i know that everything will be fine and I will be able to satisfy here my financial needs.

  • Here for nearly 2 months, the technical support team of the forex broker Xtreamforex broker is done a lot by me, the brokerage firm has distinguished itself as a reliable company with favorable conditions for my successful trade, I am pleased with the received profit for the minimum time interval of trading.

  • Many traders face the issue of security when it comes to their deposited funds in the account. But at Xtreamforex , I have found the best available security and safety for my deposited funds. As these funds are deposited with different financial institutions world wide, there is no fear of any money laundering. Plus, I can check the balance anytime I want.

  • It’s pretty much comfortable to work with Xtreamforex. I sent a deposit of $ 400 and just began to trade. Even when I was choosing a broker, I was sure that this one was the best, and now I’m almost a year with them with no complaints.

  • I have used Xtreamforex for almost two years now. The platform is very good. No freezes or strong slippages. The support always online when needed. Also they provide instant withdrawals.

  • Conditions which are provided by the Xtreamforex broker are actually pretty good and obviously promote money-earning. traders, especially, are attracted by low spreads and a huge variety trade tools especially attracts me. the small minimum rate and wide leverage give me new opportunities on the market. i recommend. any trader can earn here if he wants it of course.

  • I’m working with Xtreamforex because they do not interfere in my trading in comparison to many other brokers.MetaTrader 4 works fast and stable without strong slippages. Deposit/withdrawal process is also quite fast.. All services are working at the proper level. Good brokerage company with extensive trading opportunities.

  • As a neophyte trader, my experience with this broker was equipped with admirable honesty. This broker absolutely does what it says. If it says that there would be fast execution then it will be fast. If the support says that the withdrawal will take an hour then it will be that. I like this company because of its transparency and honesty after all.

  • Very commendable! who would have thought that this broker gave me the best opportunities in my trading career? They offer a wide diversity of various instruments.I haven’t lost anything and in fact, I even made a lot give bonuses not to mention their very fast and successful withdrawals


  • I never had problem with Xtreamforex . They always provided fast responses. If you are active trader during peak hours than perhaps huge spread can be a problem. I have been with this broker for 3 years and i do not have serious problems with my trading during this period

  • I’m very pleased with the results of cooperation with the brokerage company Xtreamforex. Mobile version of broker’s trading platform is working, I’d say, almost perfectly and without any bugs. Clear orders execution. That’s important for me in trading. I think it is a great place to earn trading skills and money of course)

  • I opened account with Xtreamforex about two weeks ago. I deposited 250 dollars to see if it’s really work, I haven’t trade before but was quite interested when manager called me. For now I made couple deals with small profit, however, I was super exciting about that. Looking forward to trade further. Maybe I hesitate at first, but now I see that everything is okay, and the manager, that I work with, also professional and he always explain every step that we’re doing. Great!

  • Xtreamforex are great managed account. In 3 months my investment almost doubled. It’s impressive. It’s a wonderful experience for me.

  • Customer support is good. I confirm this even after three months of trading with a consultant from Xtreamforex , although I would like to try to trade on my own. Now I’m trying to dissect my trade, I want to finalize the trading system and start moving forward, and then in the trade with the manager there is a lot of nuances, even if it is profitable.

  • Tight spread and fast withdrawal
    I join this broker several months ago, before I could hardly made profit trading forex but since I join Xtreamforex I constantly made profit. They even give you prize when you achieve target lots, and bonus was really added to my equity when I have met requirements. thanks and keep the good track ! Bravo

  • The Xtreamforex brokerage is a very ethical broker and I think it can be seen by their consistent activity here . They really care for their clients.
    No issues whatsoever with my trades executing. I trade with two signal services and rarely self-directed trades and never have any issues with these trades properly going on to my trading MT4 account.
    Good customer service.
    Only made two withdrawals.
    Both show up on my bank account within 24 hours.
    Good broker to trade with that cares about their traders

  • This has been a nice brokerage experience so far. Their Customer Support is very capable and the website is good-looking. Smooth deposit and withdrawal, I like it.

  • I have been working with this broker since last year. They giving me a n excellent service. I haven’t got any SLIPPAGE problem with them and also no any withdrawal problems too. they could withdraw profits to skrill account within an hour. I hope to continue with this broker further and can be recommended to others as well.

  • I use this broker for last 6 months or more. I like their bonus system and withdrawal and deposit system. Their customers services are also good. I didn’t find any problems with them unless some big slippage happens around 5-10 pips. Though I find it very few times but it usually happens on the day I made good profit.

  • Good broker! My withdrawals are always fast and trading is even faster. Haven’t seen such speed in a while. Can definitely recommend them for intra-day trading.

  • Hello to everybody, My experience with Xtreamforex is positive. It’s a strong broker with truly convenient deposits and withdrawal means. All happens fast and without delays, My latest skrill withdrawal in about 45 minutes. Was recommended by my friends and I am not disappointed at all. Nice done job.

  • Nice new contest, overall good broker – low spreads, fast execution, good for new trader. Excellent Respond and best service. User Friendly website also…

  • Very good experience so far in terms of how orders work and how they support on verification. Withdrawal also went pretty fast. It’s a good offer if not the best in the market now.
    I’ll see how they perform further on but first three months passed and I feel good about this brokerage.

  • I love this broker, more than one year trading with Xtreamforex everything’s fine.. tight spread, fast deposits and Withdrawals processes, everything great with this broker.. no doubt for me to be Xtreamforex client for long time..

  • One of the obvious benefits of the Xtreamforex is excellent execution of orders and stable working trading platform.They know what to do to attract new and keep old clients: not to lie and keep their promises.That’s all what I needed when I was looking for the right place for trading.The broker continues to fulfill its responsibilities and I continue to count my profits.

  • I regularly compare Xtreamforex charts with charts of other companies and especially pay my attention to the tops of candles during the sharp change of price, so I want to say Xtreamforex give the clients the real data without any changes in its favor, what I learned in trading experience is that confidence is built on patient and careful work of both sides.

  • A very good broker guys. i don’t have any complaints and i am very happy with the personal service and support. I can recommend this broker as pretty good and trusted one.

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